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Wednesday, March 23, 2005



I'm new to fairfield am looking for a knitting shop. Thanks


Knotty Girl is at 119 Post Road (near the Fairfield/Black Rock border) across the street from the Pizza Center. Took two "drive by's" for me to find it, and now I'm looking forward to going inside.


I have heard that there is a new yarn shop in Fairfield and was told it was on Black Rock Turnpike. I looked for it on Saturday but alas I could not find it.

Would you please let me know that correct address. Thank you so much.



Now I really can't wait to get down there to check it out!


You have so many great yarn shops near you. I'm so so jealous!! There is only one in Iowa City...I am going to have to take an adventure to one of the nearby cities with my mom looking for another place to shop.


What a cute name for a yarn shop!

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