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Friday, October 17, 2008


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any chance of more pics of your toe-ups after each increase round?? am trying to follow this cast on method but keep getting lost and ending up with yarn in places it shouldn't be!
basically at the end of each row, there's a bit of yarn that goes across from top to bottom and isn't stitched or anything! can't find any answers to this anywhere and you're the first blog i've found thats tried this!

thank you in advance if you can help!!


I have just added that wonderful video to my to do list. Must try it sometime :) Thanks!


4 at once! You don't mess around, do you;) I'm off to watch the you tube.

Laura from Italy

Hi Jennifer.
Remember me? Laura from Italy? You helped me out with the felted bag handles. I hope it will not be too much to ask for your help again, if you have time. I need some Malabrigo yarn and apparently all the online shops I know who used to have it, only have the laceweight kind now. Do you know any online store who ships abroad which could have it? I tried the Loopy Ewe, but they only have three or four shades and none of them is very appealing to me. I would like a shade called Roanoke Gold, if possible. Thanks in advance for your help. I have looked up the You tube tutorial. You were right... it's amazing.
Have a wonderful weekend and happy knitting to you!

kathy b

Oh Jennifer, I expect you to cast on four immediately! Can you send some of that energy my way? Have I Told you how much I use the needle size ruler and gauge checker? ALL THE TIME>

Wool Winder

Might as well get as many socks going as you can while the technique is fresh in your mind.

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