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Tuesday, July 07, 2009



To me they are a bit interchangeable, kind of like a tomato/tomahto thing. It gives a very similar look.


Your definitions work for me but I've also seen moss as k1,p1 for a row then p1,k1 for two rows, then k1,p1 again. So you get a weird combination fo the two.


I agree with Sara -- I've always thought moss and seed were the same stitch.


I thought the same as you. :)


I interpret seed and moss as you do although I think I've seen what you and I call moss called double seed stitch.

Jo Shields

As a major non-knitter, I would recommend that you plant the seeds, and then sit and watch the moss grow! xoxo Jo Shields


My understanding is that Moss stitch is the english version of the american seed stitch - which I always thought was K1P1 then back along K the purls and P the knits. What you refer to as seed stitch, I know as the english/kiwi 'double moss stitch'. Isn't it frustrating when you have to frog back?


I've always thought moss and seed were the same (Brit vs. US). THe pattern you described I've always called double seed. Yay multiple terms! :-)

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