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Monday, September 21, 2009


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Wow. I had the "deer in headlights" look trying to figure out this step, and almost decided to file this pattern for later; or never! I am feeling MUCH braver now, and am ordering yarn now! Thanks TONS for this tutorial! :)

Trish from Tanglewood Fiber Creations

Love your stitch marker!!!! See you soon at Stitches East?


Well done!


That's a much better explanation of this process than what's in the pattern booklet. When I did mine, I had to pull out the EZ books and figure it out.


Thanks for that, Jennifer! I've got to admit that, even though I've made one of these, and have memorized EZ on the subject, it still took me a bit to visualize what the pattern wanted. She should use a camera instead of little drawings! Your tutorial has spurred me on to try another one. Could you do some photos of that pouch thing.....?


My fingers feel tired just reading about all the knitting that you're doing! ;)

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