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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Ann in Ct

Cute hat.
and good job of at least knowing the yarn brands. :-)

kathy b

Oh now you are so funny! That is awesome. Turtle power of course


Very cool hat. My oldest, way back when, was very into TMNT.


Is it just me or is your model definitely avaiding eye contact with the camera? Love the hat!


I've given up on understanding an 11 y/o brain. I just ask and do as I'm told!! LOL You did a GREAT job on this!


Great hat! It's hard to understand kids sometimes. :)



Caffeine Girl

LOL! Fifteen years ago, tmnt were the big thing. I didn't know they were still popular.


That is so cool! I suspect the parents, who grew up with the turtles, will love them even more than the boys.


Too great! How do you get the little Ravelry sign so you can put it in your text? I link to Ravelry all the time and wish I could do that.

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