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Thursday, May 20, 2010



My stash is in my walk-in closet and a corner of my living room. But then I have a pile of WalMart plastic bags with left-over yarn and/or WIPs. I must have 50 or so of those bags stuffed around my chair and under my knitting table (which holds my current project when I'm not working on it plus the notions that I frequently need plus my satellite radio). Three weeks ago my DH got 3 Sterlite storage bins with 3 drawers each so I could organize all that stuff. The storage bins are now stacked up beside my table under which are all those bags. Some day (when? I dunno) I'll get around to putting it all away. Then again, I know where everything is...why should I muck it up with organization?!?


I actually went through and organized my needles last week before I left on Sunday - two file folders divided by size for the circs and an Offhand Designs needle case for the straights and DPNs. I have a lot of size 3 needles!


My straights are in a mini strawberry pot, 2 sets of interchangeables in their own cases, double points in a 3 ring notebook pencil box and my well-used circs live in a fisherman's worm bag!


I blogged about my addi storage system back here. Hope this helps!


DH actually bought me a Della Q circular needle case for my birthday last year!


Love your system! I don't have as many needles so it's not a problem until I start leaving them around the house. :) My straights are in a vase, my DPNs are in a mug and my circs are draped through the handle of the mug.


At least they're all in one box! I have needles in drawers, boxes, bags and under car seats!!!


I have them in my Della Q holders. One each for my KnitPicks metal, acrylic, and harmony.

I have a DPN Della Q, and then one for my random straights. Then, I have my crochet hooks in a Loopy Ewe plastic zipper holder. All in my little Knit Korner.

I hope to soon put a nice bookcase system in the dining room... then I will have my knitting books set up there, along with some better storage options for the needles and patterns ect. At this point in time, no Knit KNook for me, just my Knit Korner in the family room.
I'm not ready to convert the guest room into a Knit KNook, it's used too much *as* a guest room. I can only imagine wanting to look/find something once the guest is alseep... trying to sneak in to get my stuff LOL they'd certainly think that I had lost it!! :D


It is most definitely time for cleaning and organizing of my yarn room. I love your filing system!
For the needles that still have their packaging, I have a little rubbermaid drawer thingy that I keep my needles in. Late in my crafting life I started actually keeping the packages teh circs came in, so I bought one of those hangy things for circs for my homeless ones. I really can't wait until school is over so I can dedicate an entire week to getting things in order.

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