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Thursday, September 16, 2010



I switched a while back because Bloglines wasn't updating very well for me. Hope you enjoy Reader!


I use the combo of NetNewsWire on my mac at home, and Google Reader on the laptop when on the road. Mostly they stay synchronized. Mostly.


I'm not very blog savy and I don't know how to switch to Google Reader. I "liked" you on FB. Will I still be able to read your blog there?


I was shocked when I saw that message a few days ago. I've been over on Google Reader ever since and I really like it. I think their feeds update quicker than Bloglines. I hope you like it too.


I've never used bloglines, but I do love my google reader :) Have fun!


I already did! I'll miss Bloglines too...


Thanks for solving my newest "problem." I'm sure you've made lots of people's lives easier today.


Hullo, I'm a slightly obssessed knitter too, and have just transferred to Google Reader like you.


Hey, I changed to Feedreader, which somehow feels closer to Bloglines. For some reason Google Reader doesn't do it for me.


Welcome to google reader. Although I transferred years ago (Bloglines was so unstable), I've never been a fan and found it made blog-reading harder. More clicks than just having the blogs in my internet favorites. Trying to get back into it, so I'll give them another chance.


I've been using Google reader for quite a while. I really like it.


So we log on to www.GoogleReader.com? Is that how it's done?


I did the same thing, although I first googled how to import my feeds because I deploy in 96 or so hours and I don't have time to mess around. I'm annoyed at the ask.com folks though - RSS is a good tool.


I did that last year, when bloglines was being a pain. Never regretted it!


I've been using Google Reader for awhile, well, actually using both Bloglines and GR. It's going to take same time before I like GR as much, sadly.


Already there. Look at it this way, you probably cleaned up your list a little... or hopefully did.


I was kind of shocked when I saw that bloglines announcement the other day! Ah well, just one more way google is taking over the world. ; )

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