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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


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I was pretty shocked to find out how many people really like knitting wash cloths, we had tons of our customers make wash cloths. They loved giving them "and" getting them. Try it. You might like it.


They make good washcloths, too!

happy knitting :)


I have never made a dishcloth! I don't know what yarn to use if I were to make one. However, I've been told that a couple of nice ones and a special bar of soap make a lovely gift. It's an idea for Christmas...can you guide me as to yarns and where to get a good pattern?

kathy b

I don't like to knit them, but I love to have them and use them!


Dishrags are great for restarting the mojo. Just finished up one myself. (Now to find the rest of the dishrag cotton that is is in the stash.)


One of my grandmas was Grace, too! I don't remember if she knitted dishrags but she did knit slippers, a vest, and a wonderful jacket for me.


I have been in some what of a slump and I always work on dishcloths too. For me it is the portablity and no-brainer type of project that I find myself working on while waiting to pick up grand daughter from school. I haven't mastered socks and dish cloths allow me to experiment on different patterns. Hopefully your knitting mojo will return--I love seeing your progress on the Faery Ring Sweater.

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