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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Carolyn in NC

Go take a look at what Stephanie aka Yarn Harlot wrote today about her cashmere socks she was knitting in the airport. I've never heard of slipping stitches to get things to not pool. SHE'S the one to ask if you have any more questions. I've emailed her before and she's happy to ask questions.


Amazing what a simple needle change can do.


oooh looks very nice!

kathy b

You are welcome and I won the dare!


I know you are a very sharp knitter Major,but I would be concerned if the second sock would stripe as well or if it will stop striping on the next skein.
Best of luck.
I am sure with all the snow predicted you will have plenty of time to knit. (I live in the northern end of your county).


Amazingly easy solution. Good luck with size 0s.


That does look much better. Happy knitting!

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