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Tuesday, April 05, 2011


kathy b

Ahhh blocking. Sounds like so much work> I do so admire everyones blocked garments and such though. I am now blocking zach's tie. I didn't know you needed to soak the piece for so long!! i just get it dripping wet first, roll in said towel, and lay it out to my liking.

I cannot imagine blocking a big old lace shawl that starts out in a wet clump lump!


The Blanket looks fabulous all blocked out! Anne's patterns have so much to offer. I try not to read to far in advance, just far enough to get the jist of things.


So pretty!!!

Dry, baby, dry!


I do soak my knits before blocking but never for an hour. I had no idea they should soak for that long. I will do that in the future.
Your blanket strips are fantastic. That's going to be a beautiful blanket.

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