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Saturday, September 10, 2011



I wish they made polar bear sweaters for us grown ups.......


subscribed to the magazine after buying the 1st issue.


I saw the magazine at Walmart yesterday and was impressed with the variety of projects it contained. I was tempted to purchase the magazine. I don't usually purchase knitting magazines because they have a lot of garment patterns, which I do not knit.

kathy b

WOw great looking family...or actors that are not family but look like it! Love mom's roll neck, wonder if it is top down.?????
Love the little girls intricate sweater tooo.


I thought the polar bear was adorable too, but in the end, I passed up buying that issue. I guess I just have too much queued up to take on any more. LOL


That polar bear sweater sure is cute! I may have noticed this out of the corner of my eye yesterday while on a mission at the fabric store, but didn't have time to investigate.

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