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Wednesday, September 21, 2011



I vote for hand! But I've never tried machine...


I have yet to try a zipper in my knitting. You are a brave woman!!! :-)


If you knit a gauge swatch and have a piece of twill tape laying about; you can try machine sewing it first on the swatch to see if you like it (or for bulky knits, to see if you need a walking foot - so that the top and bottom are fed through the machine at the same pace).


Yes, braver than me, too. I knit a Samus cardigan and resorted to three Scandinavian silver sweater clips to avoid a zipper.

Good luck!


Mum insists on hand sewing zippers. I machine them. Hand sew it, see if you like it, then machine if you fancy - easier to rip out the hand stitches?


You're a braver soul than me.

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