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Thursday, October 06, 2011



It is hard to comprehend what has happened to your sister and her neighbors. The house is one thing. To then go and discover everything that had been stored away was ruined really is just too much to imagine. I would be happy to help you sort through your yarn, price it and sell it with you. You are an amazing sister and I know Ellen knows that! xoxo


I am overwhelmed and humbled by your generosity and that of your knitting friends! You are amazing! Thank-you!


Wow. I can not imagine what they are going through. Good for your sister for being so strong and trying her best to see some positive. It must be terribly difficult. I have no ideas right now but I'll think....


Jennifer, what an amazing post - your sister and her family astound me with their strength and fortitude. Will keep them all in my prayers.


Thoughts and prayers are with your sister, her family and her neighbors.
Have you considered designing a pattern and selling it on ravelry? Knitters are always willing to help. Or maybe you know a designer who would be willing to donate a pattern for the cause.

kathy b

I can start by praying for them. Praying about how I can help. Hmmm, must think about this and pray about it.

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