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Tuesday, October 11, 2011



The quiviuk is burning up my brain! THAT IS A BARGAIN! But I have to wait to see what royalties I get (should find out this next week!) I will keep an eye on it.. was planning on picking some up at Rhinebeck.. but I will hold off..

Marita Winks

This is a great idea. You are a good sister. If #18 and #21 are still available, I would love to give them a good home in Virginia. Just let me know the particulars to complete the transaction.


no. 19, the Koigu.

Kay in North Carolina

The Tofutsies look like a lot of fun -- and both in my favorite colors. If they aren't taken, I would love to purchase them. And, of course, I won't let you pay the shipping. I'm also looking forward to your favorite hat pattern!


I would love the Pagewood Farm Yukon. It would be perfect for one of the Scouts in my family. Oh, I think I'd like the Abstract Fiber, too. Blessings to your sister.

kathy b

I want the sock yarnista , Three Irish girls skein please...
Let me know the next step too. Just send you a check???

I'll add cash for shipping for the CAUSE

you came up with a great way we can help~

Jessica Bunker

If they haven't yet been claimed I would like the:

16. Alpaca Silk - 2 skeins of tan (125/2477) 50% alpaca 50% silk; 100 grams; 292 yards is yours for $18.


17. Jamieson's Shetland Double Knitting - 2 skeins of Sapphire (676) in 100% Shetland wool; 4 ounces; 340 yards is yours for $15.


Unfortunately, my budget won't allow me to support your effort monetarily, so I tweeted and posted on my facebook page. Hopefully it'll reach a larger audience. I'll keep talking about it as long as it's going on :)


#23-Prism Saki, if it is available. Color is fabulous and you have really gotten me hooked on socks again.

Good thoughts to Ellen and her family. She is truly blessed to have a sister as thoughtful and caring as you are.


All so beautiful: but I'm knitting from stash until late March, so I've put some cash in the tip-jar.

Sue Weiner

If it's still available, I'll take the Debbie Bliss cotton angora in navy blue. Let me know what the next step is.

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