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Saturday, February 25, 2012



Glad they are doing well! Hope they recover quickly (though I can't imagine you could keep those boys down for long)


Glad to hear that the procedures went well. I think the hardware would be great show and tell items, but I am a biomedical engineer after all. ;-)
(sjn821 on Rav)


So glad they are doing well. Wow! It amazes me the things Dr.'s can do.

power washing ct

sounds like an exciting time. Glad to hear everything went well


Glad all went well! Here's to a quick recovery!


Bless them both! Very best wishes for a quick recovery...

Have a lovely day!

kathy b

Jennifer...you sent me a gift during this difficult time for your boys??? You are wonderful.......truly. I remember talking about the surgery when you visited Chicago..>HOORAY it is all behind them!

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