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Friday, February 17, 2012



Such a cute hat...love the ruffle :)

Jennifer Jackson

Try this -

2/15/2012 - adapted the pattern to knit in the round from the crown to the bottom of the hat.
Cast on 8 sts and distribute evenly across your needles (dpns, magic loop, 2 circs); being careful not to twist knit in the round each
round as follows:
1 - YO, K1 (16 sts)
2 - knit around (and every even round)
3 - YO, K2 (24 sts)
6 - YO, K3 (32 sts)
8 - YO, k4 (40 sts)
10 - YO, k5 (48 sts)
12 - YO, k6 (56 sts)
13 - YO, k7 (64 sts)
14 - YO, k8 (72 sts)
Knit around until project measures 3 inches from last eyelet (crown).
Ruffle - Knit 6 rounds in garter (K 1 round; P 1 round). Bind off. Weave in loose ends.


I feel rather ignorant asking this, but I can't figure out how you 'begin' the 'in-the-round' knitting. As KathyB asked, do you start out flat, then pick up stitches. Color me confused. :-/


Awh! So sweet!


I agree. Hats are meant to be knit in the round. This hat is also adorable!!!!!


Those hats are adorable; I will have to check out that patterns. And I totally agree with you about the seams!

kathy b

Question, do you pick up and knit the garter edge After the decreases at the crown?

kathy b

Major Jennifer

Thanks for the pattern alteration notes in the round!! I may have to cast on for this adorable hat ! Love your second

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