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Thursday, February 16, 2012



LOVE that baby hat. There are at least 7 - SEVEN!! - blessed ones arriving this summer, not counting the little boy due next week (yikes! I need a blue hat, socks... SOMETHING!)...

But please contact me about the Wasabi (green?) yarn. I love that color and think I can find a great project for it.

kathy b

awww the ruffle hat is adorable. Kudos for changing it to an in the round pattern...the oNLY kind for me



I just started knitting this past Christmas. I was kind of tired of everyone else in the family having a talent or hobby and I did not. What kind of needle do you use for this project. The reason I ask is I do not as of yet have any cable needles to knit in the round. The newborn hats are just begging to be knit.


Oops! I forgot to comment on the darling baby hat. I'm just not that proficient a knitter to know how to modify a flat knit to a round knit. As a result, I simply avoid flat knit projects (I detest seaming). Can you share how what you did to modify it.


I'm excited to get the yarn I purchased. Had Christmas been a little bit farther behind us, I might've sprung for one of the larger lots (loved that chocolate brown), but still, I'm pleased as punch with the deals I got. I live on a tight budget, so I don't often get to indulge in nice yarns; plus, I'm at least 100 miles from the nearest yarn shop. Getting to buy nice yarn at these prices is such a treat for me. I appreciate your generosity!



Wool Winder

Very sweet, indeed!

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