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Thursday, May 24, 2012



I've dyed yarn with KoolAid before and it turned out pretty good! Nuked it in the microwave and it turned out a very vibrant pink. Knitted them up and sent them to a charity (the yarn was too itchy for me).

I've always wanted to try kettle dyeing, but I really want to try things from nature. A friend of mine used some beets on coffee filters that turned out beautiful!

I love your green. It turned out so nice!! You need to dye some more but this time keep them for yourself!


That's a gorgeous green! I've only done dyeing with natural stuff..weeds and plants. I joined the dye plant csa again this year so it's about time to start. I try to do the really stinky stuff outside so it needs to be a bit warmer here...


I haven't tried dying yarn (yet?), but I imagine it's likely to come up sometime in my knitting life. ;-) (sjn821)


So bummed I missed this! What glorious colors! Last day of school is 6/22 and then I hope I can start catching up with you all.

kathy b

NO! BUt someday. Such a fun post to see the dye pots....I LOVE The blue the bestest...I'm such a blue nut.. Your green is amazing and I'd never give it away if it was mine!


Love that blue! A couple of questions - were the yarns undyed when you started or were you over-dyeing? Also what dye did you use?


Those colors are so rich and vibrant - it looks like you had such a good time I know you'll be doing it more often. What did you use for dye?


My DD and I have dyed yarn with Kool-Aid. (which is sorta funny because she's never actually drank Kool-Aid) Anyway, it's easy and you don't have to have dedicated pots. We made fun yellow/orange/red combos and a 'so bright it hurts your eyes' blue.

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