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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


kathy b

Where is my comment from yesterday? I must have missed the spell verification....
WILMA rocks. Wilma has a look alike on our street.....all muscle ....all muscle that dog is

Carolyn in NC

Thanks so much for posting the doggie picture today. I miss you (and Wilma) when you don't post. Glad to see you are doing well. I' bet you're busy wrapping up the end of a school year, huh? My first born is graduating high school and heading to college soon.

Carolyn in NC

kathy b

I saw a WILMA today in Evanson Illinois. What a bunch of muscle!!!!


And of course the tongue really adds:)


One of our dogs used to sit that way, and it was a highlight of my young life to go to the zoo and see a lion sitting in that same position. Thanks for bringing back the memory.


My dogs have always seemed to prefer what appears to be uncomfortable positions.

I'm loving the lolling tongue...

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