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Sunday, July 08, 2012



So wonderful! Love the quick pictorial of his life. You can be proud!


Happy birthday to your son and pat yourself on the back; it looks like you did a good job. Now #2 gets to be an only child finally.
Time goes fast doesn't it. My #1 just had her second baby; hard to believe my child is part of a family of four. Where did the time go?


Who could have ever imagined that 18 years could go so quickly? Happiest of days to celebrate!

Kathy b

You should be so proud!,,,,,, he s handsome one!


Wow! What an exciting time!


Happy birthday to your son! He and my daughter are very close in age. It all goes by too quickly, doesn't it?


Congratulations! Job well done! Enjoy the next chapter that life brings to you all!


Yes he has grown into a young man to be proud of... I'm sure that having such a good Mom has helped him along the way. I'm also sure that like every Mom there are moments when you look at your eighteen year old son but still see a little five year old with a big smile learning to explore the world!


A handsome young man! Enjoy the summer with him. It won't be the same once he goes to college (I speak from experience).


Happy birthday, Primo! I hope you have a wonderful day!


Happy Birthday, Primogeniture! You look great, you have a wonderful smile, and you make your mother proud. Good luck in college!


And you should be proud of yourself, too, Jennifer. Not to take away from your son's achievements, but I am sure they reflect your dedication and spirit.

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