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Friday, August 24, 2012


Trudy Kluge

I am reading, again, Plain and Simple by Sue Bender. I love her writings and every once and awhile I need that reminder to breathe,slow my movements, relax...So, for me, they are my plain and simple socks. I'm knitting a pair now as I read the book. When I moved to Virginia I gave each of the girls in the yarn shop her book, Everyday Sacred..and, some Godiva chocolates - of course!


Vanilla socks. But thats boring. I like DEPA Socks

Alto Girl

I love the name. Thanks for the laugh today!

kathy b

That's why I love me some garter stitch!!!
I call them Plain socks. or Basic socks.

I LIKE this pairs coloring.

I think i'd rather watch my knitting than the Cubs right now


Plain vanilla socks. And it's the only kind I ever knit. I guess I'm easily amused.

Cambria Washington

mind numbingly boreing socks.

Barbara Seiver

Love your DEPA designation...I may well adopt it. Must confess I was no more imaginative than "vanilla socks".


I dont have a name for them other than making a pair of socks!!! LOL I like the basic patterns. My go to is a 3x1 rib with abt an inch to the ankle before I start the heel. It's the one I do all the time. When I switch it up, I dont like them as much.

BTw what yarn is that? I really like teh blues and browns together.

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