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Sunday, October 28, 2012



I've been wondering how you and your family are doing. Hope all is well and you made it through the storm in good shape.


How you doing??!!

Julia G

Hopefully we are at the height of the storm now, Monday night. The sustained winds are pretty high but we've been spared the worst of the rain. Keeping our fingers crossed for people down by the beach when the high tide and storm surge converge tonight at midnight (we are on high ground, but the low lying areas here in Milford are under mandatory evacuation). Stay safe!

kathy b

fascinating Jennifer. SO glad it pretty much over by Al. She had to stay at the hospital for 36 hours, but is safely home now.
Medics stopped briniging all but the most critical patients to them around 0200. Somehow, others still found a way to get to the ER....Al was busy all night.

YOU be safe now. You certainly outline sensible and interesting precatuions taken in your used- to- this AREA!!


be safe, knit some sandy owls.

Barbara Seiver

Charge cell phone, ebooks, etc. Be sure to have plenty of paper products -- no TP in a power outage is a terrible thing!

Be safe!


Sending positive thoughts your way! At least you're prepared! Stay safe.


Stay safe my friend!

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