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Friday, December 14, 2012



Love this idea, ufortunately I have been so brain dead this year I could not think of anything this swift on my own. Hvae already started for next year. By then the old-timers will have set in but I won't have to remember, I'll already have the bags made...... *sigh*


What an awesome idea! I wish more people would do this! Including me.....but I hate sewing (which is a shame because my mom and grandmother were so talented - but that probably is the root of my hating it! LOL)

Carolyn in NC

Did you make them all the same size or different sizes? I did this 15 years ago and we've continued to re-use them every year. I made some wine bottle sized, some shirt box sized and other various sizes for small and large gifts.

Some are even as large as a pillow case.
This is a nice green idea.


What a good idea!

kathy b


You amaze me. What a great idea!!!! I have to give this some thought.....and I dont' sew....

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