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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


kathy b

My first reaction is to shut if off. I had to after 9/11. Fireman says you were close to the shooting. I know that makes it hit harder. Jennifer you do so much good in this world......
you make a difference.


I finally had to turn off the news as well. At some point you just have to move forward with the good things in your life. I hope this whole awful disaster will inspire just a bit of kindness and love in people towards each other. God knows we need it.


I was able to avoid the news on Friday. I heard about the tragedy but I knew if I turned on the news or went to the internet, I would be sucked in and devastated. So instead, I focused my energy on celebrating my dh's birthday. We spent the weekend with our kids, just being a family. It doesn't diminish what happened but I feel like I was able to avoid the spiral that the media creates in these situations. Those families deserve as much peace and quiet as they can get and I feel pretty certain the media hasn't allowed that. :( I'm so sorry this happened and sorry that it happened so close to you. Hugs to you and your family.

WTG on the blood drive. Teenagers up at 7 am on a weekend? Unheard of! ;-)

Linda M (lulabellebird)

I too have turned off most of the news broadcasts. I am out and about collecting small local and regional food products to use in gift bags. I've been going to yoga classes, watching birds and trying to enjoy the goodness of the season and the wonderful southern "winter" weather we've been experiencing.


That is very great! I took your advice and unplugged yesterday late afternoon...after getting thouroughly sad with all the coverage of the current events. there are many happy people out there. I was happy to see them!


Jennifer - this inspired me last night... http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/12/18/15999109-if-you-do-good-youll-feel-good-ann-curry-explains-origins-of-26acts-of-kindness?lite


Good looking group of kids!

I don't know that I've been doing any *special* to keep it positive. Just been carrying on and trying to keep things normal.

I usually don't have it in the front of my mind unless I see a flag at half-mast. That breaks my heart all over again.

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