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Monday, March 04, 2013


Carolyn in NC


My mom used to call the triangular piece of furniture in our dining room a nook. You know those things that others call a "hutch". We had two of those corner units. Can I secretly hope I don't inherit them some day?

And my MIL calls hers hutch a "breakfront". I had never heard that word before I met her.


I am going to Home Goods TODAY! Those are awesome.

kathy b

HA! Fireman would kill me if i brought YARN candles into this yarny house..
but they are so cute!!!!


Too cute! I was thinking salt and pepper shakers.

Knitting IS everywhere. I bought a plant pot that has a border of "ribbing". I saw coffee cups at Starbucks with a beautiful cable pattern.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut

Wow, they look like real balls of yarn!


Really....candles?? So is the "yarn" actually wax? What a perfect accessory to a fiber craft room. Of course....you wouldn't want to burn them! Yeah...I could see myself buying a few(dozen) of these!


Those are awesome! Looks like I'm making a trip to Home Goods!

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