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Tuesday, April 09, 2013


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Congratulations! I can't remember how I found your blog, but I've enjoyed it for several years now.

Kim L-S

Has it been 9 years already? I've followed you since the beginning! Happy Blogiversary :)


Congratulations! I read you blog when I need a break from doing other people's taxes. :)


Happy Blogiversary!! Please keep posting. I hate Twitter. :-(


Congrats on 9 years. You are the first blog which I ever read, and you are the first one I read every morning.


Anu Visweswaran

Happy Blogiversary!! I recently started reading your blogs and I simply love it. Thanks for being a great inspiration!


This is amazing to me. I'm glad you keep blogging, there are a few of us still around that enjoy them. I love reading abt your adventures!!


I've never met you, but I guess that I came across your blog either on the westportyarns or knitting central website, and I really have enjoyed reading about your knitting, cooking, and scouting escapades.
You inspired me last year to knit a pile of roosters for Easter.
Happy Blogiversary!!!!


Love your blog...your adorable dog and watching your boys grow up! Wow, 9 years has flown by and love all that you share!


Congratulations Jennifer. It was my great pleasure to meet you--it must be at least 10 years ago--and I love being able to keep up by following your blog.

marion shaw

I have been reading your blog for quite a while and I have enjoyed reading about your knitting, scouting and your family. I hope you continue!


Happy blogiversary, Jennifer!


Happy Blog-versary!! Been a long time reader.. not a good commenter, but enjoy your travels, and knitting! Thank you!!


Congratulations to you! I hope to meet you in person at the Jambo this summer.

Carolyn in NC

WOW another year has just gone by so fast it seems as if you just posted that same picture a month or two ago.

Happy Anniversary

Beth in Ohio

Happy Anniversary! I hope to have the pleasure of reading this blog for another nine years!


Here's to 9 more years of lovely bloggy goodness!! Please stop over and we'll have some wine. You can help me figure out how to turn the heel on my first pair of socks.


Love that it's CAMO yarn. So perfect! Happy blogoversary!

kathy b

Happy Blogaversary. You and I both began in 2004 . I have had to take a few breaks, but you have chugged right along. I enjoy the Scouting/knitting Military themes.
I loved meeting YOU!
Keep bloggging away Jennifer. Im blessed to know you


Nine years!?! I think I've read since the very beginning or shortly thereafter. Crazy how time flies. Happy anniversary! :)

Trudy Kluge

Jennifer, I've told you many times that you are my knitting inspiration. I love your recipes and reading your blog. I read Yarn Harlot through you also. When I don't know what to knit you inspire me usually with socks! Happy Blogiversary to a beautiful person. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us!


Happy Blogiversary!!!!
Your numbers may have gone down - but they are still outstanding to me!


Happy Blogiversary!! I am amazed. ;)


I count myself lucky to have found your blog...it led to a lovely friendship! happy Blogiversary!


Congrats! I enjoy your blog every chance I get!

Lisa In Stow, OH

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