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Saturday, October 26, 2013



What a great activity for the Scouts! I learned a lot from your blog - you were very thorough.


I think you'll get the badge moved up in popularity with your combination of activities and information. You really keep them moving and just enough 'eww' factor. Nice job!
PS - I was boiling cochineal bugs once on the stove when my husband brought his assistant home for supper. After I explained what they were and were for, his quick reply was 'Ah a high fiber diet.'
Another time I lucked out finding a glass jar of powdered cochineal on a school science supply shelf that no one wanted. 'Really, no one wants it? I can have it?' Don't ask again! :)



~Have a lovely day!

kathy b

Oh it will get popular alright, If You have anything to do with it.
You amaze me Jennifer!

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