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Tuesday, January 07, 2014


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I'm so happy wilma is doing okay. What a sweet baby girl.

Barbara Seiver

There is a "trick" called Pill Pockets. They're somewhat like dog food-flavoured play dough. You pop a pill in them, seal it, and all the fur baby can smell is treat. I've used them for several of our Siamese cats, over time. Ask your vet who sells them locally.

Reading about leaving Wilma "just one more day" brought back lots of memories of our Minky, may she rest in peace. Don't you wish people could make good decisions for us, as we can for our fur babies?


I'm so glad it's something treatable. And I saw in the next post that she's home, so yay! I'm so glad!


When I started reading thus post my heart sank. So glad the news was good today!

kathy b

I tweeted my relief and Joy over her improvement! Love you Jennifer and Wilma


I got goosebumps and all choked up when you said she was going to be fine. I am so glad for you all. It is so hard to make the decision about our pet families. Hope she keeps getting better and better! Patt


Honestly, to know Wilma is to truly love her. She really is a special dog, so I am very, very glad that she is getting better.

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