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Monday, March 31, 2014


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Jane in London

p.s. I can't comment on the actual post - but I've got a knitted up Girl Guide (it's the uniform from when I was a Guide) from that Jean Greenhowe book. I don't know who knitted her, but she lives in the Brownie cupboard with a very old knitted Brownie doll. And now I know what my leaving present to the Brownies will be - an up to date knitted doll!

Jane in London

Mmm. Smores.

We tend to end up toasting the marshmallows over tealights when we're indoors. Or, occasionally, the gas ring on the cooker if there is one.

kathy b

i must make


Except ... then the marshmallow's aren't melted. That was always my favorite part!


That sounds good and easy too.

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