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Tuesday, April 08, 2014


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I know - I bought some of this without reading the ballband too - and was very surprised and disgusted with the chemical smell associated with it


While I love Sugar n' Cream yarn for dishcloths, I agree that the scented yarn is a big fail. The "good" news is that it's not stocked everywhere. I thought it could be "clever" for doing some spa cloths in the end I just thought it a wrong idea.


You must have gotten lucky. LOL I bought several of those and never noticed that they smelled at all. ;-)

Sorry it made you feel so yucky though. That's no fun.


I wonder if you could put in into a hank and wash it. On the other hand, it's cheap enough to perhaps just toss it in the Goodwill pile.

kathy b

icky icky icly…what in the world? i've NEVER

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