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Saturday, June 07, 2014


kathy b

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the pictures. Wilma and Bambi…>TOOOO CUTE. Check WIlma for ticks ….
Frogs in pools? Hee hee.
Im coming over


Great photos, but you have some major wildlife experience going on in your yard. At least they feel comfortable enough for you to get photos.


Wow! That picture of Wilma and the fawn is awesome.

I know the wildlife can be messy, but you got some GREAT pictures.

Our pool is screened in and we STILL get snakes and frogs. CRAZY However, I'll take that over my friend's problem. The raccoons make a MESS of her pool.


When we lived in CT, we would regularly see foxes, turkeys, skunks and coyotes and we had a resident bobcat!


Wilma and her little friend are so cute. Lots of critter action in your yard! Love it!


Fun to see! Hope the frog doesn't leave you tadpoles!

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