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Saturday, February 21, 2015


Jane in London

I knitted one for a friend, and swore never again (some of those sections are soooo long, and I nearly died of boredom waiting for a colour change to relieve the tedium). When it was done, I could wrap it round my neck, stand on a chair, and it still dragged on the floor. I think it's in my ravelry. Did do a teddy bear sized one for a bear for N.

Tom Baker is the loveliest Doctor (along with Peter Davison). They are the ones who took time to write a note when I invited all the Doctors to a Time Travelling Day for Brownies...the rest didn't reply at all! One day, I shall meet both (for the time being, I'll just enjoy the autographs!).

kathy b

Lovely Scarf..lovely quote

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