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Friday, September 04, 2015



great idea! My college sophomore is the first one to go entirely off the meal plan. The others worked at food service and always got to eat there; he doesn't have that option and his food choices have been easy lately, and, thus, unvaried. This might help. :-)


I bought all of her ebooks earlier and have printed off all the menus on the website. made 17 of the meals from the NoCook freezer meals book. It took me 3 nights after dinner to complete all of them. Good freezer bags is a must. I will definitely buy zipper bags from now on.
I sealed & resealed one bag, or so I thought and placed it in the freezer only to watch it spill over everything. Zipper bags should make it a more secure process.


You are amazing!

Tracy Batchelder

If you ever make any of these meals for yourself, I'd love to know if they are tasty. I don't use a slow cooker often, but it would be great for the cooking in the trailer.

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