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Sunday, September 13, 2015


Rose Jordan

I too have become a history buff recently. My current favorite book is "Midnight Rising" by Tony Horwitz. It's the story of John Brown and the event that ignited the Civil War at Harper's Ferry. Very worthwhile reading.


My favorite historical book is from much later in history.

The Ship That Would Not Die by F. Julian Becton. It is the story of a naval destroyer, her crew and their journey from ship build to decommission.


Ken Burns does the best documentaries, and the Civil War one is one of the best!


I just read 12 Years a Slave (I haven't seen the movie, yet), and it was great. I wonder why it's never been part of the school curriculum; I remember reading Frederick Douglass, and most of my kids did, too, but I found this one much more compelling.

I did not watch all of Turn, but my bookclub read the book. I can't think of anything else to add to your list; it's quite comprehensive. :-) We have a book called Vicksburg by Winston Groom which my husband liked.

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