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BF Chocolate Mousse

BF Chocolate Mousse

Westport, CT

CHOCOLATE MOOUSE CAKE (as emailed by BF's Mom)

1 large Nestle's Chocolate Chips bits
2 Packages of lady fingers
4 T sugar
6 T prepared black coffee
1 pint sweet whipping cream
6 eggs, separated (take out in advance and let them get to room temp)

Melt bits over double boiler
Add liquid coffee
Add sugar
Beat egg yolks until thick and lemony
Cool chocolate and add yolks
Beat egg whites until stiff
Fold in egg whites
Fold in 3/4 pint of whipped cream (forgot to say to whip the cream.. I add a little sugar)
Crumble lady fingers of bottom of a spring pan and place whole fingers around side
Pour in mousse and top with remaining whipped cream.
I decorate the cream with chocolate shaving.. maybe m and m