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Friday, March 03, 2006



Would love to buy some of the lovely notee cards. How do I order?


Ooo, wish you'd caught me earlier but I still have some stuff lying around for ya- send me your address at my email shown here and I'll definitely send off some yarn!


This is such a great idea! I just dove into sock knitting, so I don't have much in terms of contributions, but I will send you what I have if you can get your address to me.


I have a whole bag of leftovers from socks...please send me your address, and I'll get them right out to you.


Found my way here via wendyknits. Send me your address and the sock yarn orphans will be on their way to you.


Hi! This sounds like a fun idea. Please send me your snail mail address and I will get them in the mail to you ASAP. I've got lots of sock yarn leftovers that I'm sure I won't get knit up.


what exactly is a knit note???


I've got some I could send you. Email me your address, and I'll send it off to you too!


I've been trying to use up all my leftover sock bits lately. Send me your address and I'll get some in the mail to you.


Please email me your address also! Thanks!


I have a little bit hanging around. Send me an address and I'll pop it in the mail.

Oh, and what about Cascade Fixation? It is heavier than regular sock weight yarn...


I have a lot of yarn I would love to send to you - can you email where to mail it?


I'm in - what a great cause. Please send me your address, and I'll send you my little balls.......


What a fantastic idea! I have lots of leftover sock yarn, and I never know what to do with it. Let me know where to send them, and I'll get them out ASAP!


I'm in, too! send me your addy, and stand by for some wee walnuts... :)


hi. i'm in. please send me your snail mail and i'll pop those babies first chance i get!

Suz in WA

Oh mi gosh! I just reorganized all my sock-yarn-leftovers--between my two knitting daughters and myself, I have GOBS. Please send your snail mail and I'll package some up for you.


I bought a bunch of single skeins of knitpicks sock yarn thinking I wanted to make gauntlets...but they're (the pattern, not the yarn) not to my liking. So I'll be glad to contribute. Would you e-mail your addy and I'll get them out asap?

I found you via Lolly, btw!


I have some for you too! Send me your address.


hi! I'm here via Lollyknitting -- I was just going to offer up all of my sock yarn scraps on my blog, but if I can mail them to you, that would be fantastic! however most of my balls are pretty large -- I like short socks! hopefully that is okay. Just let me know.


Do you care if it's self-patterning? I have some leftovers, but definitely bigger than a walnut as I have small feet, and I also only make the leg portion about 4 inches because I like my socks shorter. Tell me where to send them, and I will.

kathy b

Remind us of your address. I'll be sending some; you are so charitable. Yeah Jen!

kathy b

Remind us of your address. I'll be sending some; you are so charitable. Yeah Jen!


Send me your address-- I have a few to send you.



Let me know where to send the yarn. I did not know why I was keeping it. Now I do. :)


Hey there, send me your addy and I'll have a few to send your way. I also have pink, cream, and white baby fingering yarns. You want in addition to the sock yarns? Helps tremendously to get it away from me and to someone who will use it.

Great idea!


Ooh, I'm so excited!!! What if the ball is bigger than a walnut? I am finished with my sockotta socks, but I am not sure how to weave in the ends at the cuffs. They're 2x2 ribbing. I guess I am too perfectionist. Any suggestions? (I was just wondering too what the heck to do with the leftovers ;) I did buy a 40" size 1 Addi Turbo and just cast on for jaywalkers in Lorna's Laces (miata colorway)! I'm really excited. I will probably go sometime next week and get a 2nd needle. Since my lys unexpectedly started carrying Lorna's Laces, I had to buy some and then didn't have enough to buy 2 needles.

Betsy Post

Hi - I'm your knitting friend from Newtown - never can find the time to come down on Saturday morning. Anyway, I have an entire basket of those walnut sized balls. Not sure they are "finger weight" but they are all good. anyway - where do I send it?
best of luck!
Betsy Post


How fun! So this is specifically for sock weight/fingering weight yarn? I have some leftovers that are sport weight, but you don't want those? I will blog about this because I think it is such a fun idea ;)

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