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Saturday, September 30, 2006



I just sent mine off today... hope its not too late :)


I have some yarn - I'll pack it up and send it this week.


Do you want worsted weight acrylic? I am currently working my way through the pile of it I accumulated long, long ago, knitting it into hats for charity. If I can unload, er, donate some to your cause it would let me get to the wool sooner :-)

I have some baby yarn -- acrylic, but quite soft -- that I will definitely send.


Happy Birthday!!! I posted your gift yesterday. Think pink and fluffy. By the way what's your secret, you keep looking younger and happier as you age!


I may have some large straight needles at home, do you need any other sizes other than 10 and 15, for instance some for the premie hats?

I'll check my needle stash tonight.


I even have a knitting loom in the box... I'll mention your contest on my blog tomorrow, if you don't mind.


That is so awesome, I have some yarn and needles to send you!


Oh I am so glad I read this today. I jumped over from Julie's page to find this. I was just about to put out some yarn at a yard sale. I will send it off to you. Yeah! What a great cause. :) Please keep us up to date with the kids' progress, would love to hear.

Jane in Camden

I'll bring it over with me (yes, I know, I miss the deadline by, oh, three or four days that way. But it'll save on failing to get to the post office!) I've also got loads of yarn for knit notes for you. Now I need to go and check what a US 15 looks like. I might have a couple.

Three weeks.... can't wait!



I'll look through my materials too - glad to help out a local cause (I'm in CT too)


Any preference for/against wool or wool blends?

Gently used needles OK, or new preferred?

My area newpaper (10/1) has 40% off coupons for Michael's and AC Moore....that would buy some pretty affordable needles!


I'll look around- I'm pretty sure I have some needles, probably some yarn too.


I've got some baby yarn, It's not cotton, but it works great for premiee hats! I'll send it off monday.


What a great cause!

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