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Thursday, January 03, 2008



oh wow, i laughed out loud when i saw your moms favorite cookie!my mom only made one cookie and it looks identical, altho ours has coconut in it. i love making them now because they are pretty quick, what with not needing to cook them. so these are usually the thing i make when we need to bring something somewhere!

mary lou

This is a lovely story. If you see my recipe box- book story, my mother had my sister type up recipes for me, and my mom died not too long after, so it is really a wonderful thing to have. I'm not sure I could have pulled them together the way you did.


I found you through MDK. At first I thought you had MY family cookbook. It was made by MY grandma Lois. It looks almost exactly like your book, except that of course it's a different old picture on the front. It's such a cool collection, and I'm glad that people like you take the time to put them together.


Oooh Jennifer, a woman after my own heart. This entry is by far my favorite because of the subject matter...BRAVO!!!! Call me next time you whip up Krumkakes or anything else from your special recipe box!!!!!


All my mother and grandmother's recipes are in my home in two boxes that were given to me by my father shortly after my mom died last year. I have a hard time looking at them and remembering the wonderful memories I have of both of them baking. But I am inspired by your project and am making a point of starting my own family cookbook this year. I know my siblings and other relatives will appreciate it. We have many wonderful German baking recipes. It is hard to translate them from their German origins. How often do you see medium eggs? But my mom did a lot of that work for me. I remember her telling me that one cookie recipe called for "as much cinnamon until it smells right". Imagine that!! (Turns out it was 2 tablespoons.) Thanks for the inspiration Jennifer!


I love what you have done with your family recipes!
And as for people being territorial with their recipes, I have to ask *why*? It's so nice to share!! I really feel that sharing food and recipes is a loving gift. So I admire your project even more!

Great knitting review! I hope to have more FO this year!


I must have been ready for a good cry...that did the trick! I want a krumcake!


What an awesome undertaking to do the family cookbook. I'm sure it's something which will be cherished by families for generations to come.

It's neat how the recipes of our family, even those who've passed, link us to them. As a little girl, I always wanted my grandmother's tattered recipes someday. Unfortunately, they went to my uncle's wife, who we lost contact with after my uncle died. I don't begrudge her, though, for I know she had alot of respect for my Nanny, and I'm sure she's made good use of those recipes.

Your post has served to remind me that I need to start making copies of my own recipes for my grown kids. My daughter (who lives far away) is always calling me for recipes of her favorite dishes I made when she was at home.


What a wonderful story! Taste and smell are huge memory joggers and I you have thinking I need to do the same with my grandmother's recipes too!
Thank you for sharing this!


That recipe book is such a treasure!
Love the krumkake iron - I haven't had one of those cookies in years. Yummm......

Wool Winder

I loved reading the history behind your family recipe box!


I think with that gift you've filled your lifetime quota for your family on in to the next generation, because they will treasure that always. So thoughtful, but then that's what you are!


I have found it somewhat difficult to get recipes out of my family members (apart from my mother): they are all very territorial about their secrets. Not that it matters that much anyway, because probably not a single baking recipe from Europe works over here! :) (Hazelnut cake, anyone?)


How wonderful that you put so much time and love into the recipe project. Really interesting that I just asked my Grandma for her favorite recipes, not even 2 days ago. I am really hoping that she writes them out longhand. What a wonderful treasure!


I think it was great that you put together a family cookbook my family isnt full of cooks or bakers but I have a few recipes I have come across as I have started cooking that I keep in a book in case someday I have kids I can pass it down to them

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