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Sunday, March 30, 2008



I'm happy to know there are others out there like me. I organized some of my yarn this weekend and posted a photo on my blog this morning of my WIP basket. I was embarrassed becausea there were eleven WIP's in it, then I found three more after taking the picture. I even thought of more after that, hidden away in drawers.

I was seriously thinking I must be some kind of knitting freak. I guess there are alot of us, though. ;-)


What lovely projects you've got going there! I think many people have a lot of WIP's. It's ok. :-)


Oooh you could do this like they tell ya to do the credit card paying off..
pick the smallest project first finish it then move on to the next larger one up and finish it an keep moving!

Wool Winder

I think from what I hear about other people's knitting habits, you are probably more normal than I am. Right now I have zero projects on the needles and one project that is finished except for the seaming. Of course, I'm getting to ready to cast on something today, but my limit is usually three projects going at once.

Jane in London

You're still knitting the Almost Argyle Socks?

I promise to take photos of the fairy cakes tonight, to encourage you to finish them.



Oh my, Jennifer! That is a lot of WIPs! So, what are steps 1-3 for the Knitaholic??? :)

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