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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Carol Van Rooy

Those are adorable. I haven't any little ones to knit for, but wow if I could enlarge that pattern... I'd make a pair for myself.



I actually love that pattern! I've only used it once but would definitely choose that one again--it's easy and fun.


So cute!


Those are really cute. You made great use of your Italian yarn. I make my booties from a free pattern handed out at a yarn store I visited in Dallas. It looks very similar to yours (same bottom part), but has eyelet holes going around the bootie about where the ankle is, to run satin ribbon through. I like the variation of the ties that your's has, though.

I love the quick gratification that knitting booties offers. :-)

Wool Winder

That's a good pattern because they are not easy for a baby to kick off. Really cute!

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