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Wednesday, May 21, 2008



I think you are spot on with the circles and squares!

Cheryl B.

What's wrong with me, I like the fabric on the left....actually I like them both (I'm a fabric whore), but there is something about the one on the left I really like with the bag.


Like everyone else, I like the fabric on the right best. I also echo the plastic needlepoint canvas covered in fabric for the bottom. It helps a lot. Frankly, I don't think you can over-felt something. The yarn shrinks until there is no more room for it to shrink so your bag turned out the size IT wanted to be. Be interested to know beginning and finished dimensions.


Both fabrics are gorgeous, but I also would go with the one on the right, which is slightly more subtle (not that it will get seen that much).

Your bag looks great. I have three things I need to felt. I'm dreading those moments of anxiousness in waiting to see how they'll look in the end. ;-)


I like the one on the right as well. How big did the bag turn out to be? It looks lovely!


The bag looks great! I think I like the fabric on the right best.


Im thinking I agree with you on the fabric choice. Your bag looks great!


I love the bag! Very nice! I'd go with the one on the right too.

Wool Winder

Looks great! The fabric on the right is my favorite too.


It looks wonderful! I really need to try entrelac. I like the fabric on the right also. If you need more stability, you can get the plastic needlepoint canvas, cut it to size for the base, cover it in fabric and place that in the bottom as well. I do that for my felted bags - it also helps prevent sagging if you have something heavy in it.

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