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Saturday, November 15, 2008



Yum. I had this last week- I practically threatened my Brazilian coworker when she said they were having one. I made her bring a slice in. Yes, I will resort to threats for this cake. It's that good.


Sinful, I am sure! How much repenting goes on later?

You and me need to get together! There are no box mixes in my kitchen, EVAH! Let me show you The Way:)


OMG. I may make that, and not even bother making a cake to put it on. Yummy.


That looks amazing!


I heard that this cake WAS amazing!!! Any leftovers?
You know that according to my husband, the birthday cake must be totally consumed by midnight of the child's birthday in order to insure him a year of good luck! hee, hee!

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