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Friday, January 02, 2009



I like that myself! It's gorgeous! Gives me an idea for some yarn in my stash.


YEAH!!!!! Congrats on finishing the wedding blanket! And it totally counts as a wedding present if you finish it before the first anniversary. Same with any wedding present and same with any thank you cards. GREAT job!!


Three Cheers for You!
Hip, Hip, Hooray for You!


That's gorgeous! I have to keep my projects small or risk not finishing them - someday I hope to work up to a whole blanket!


Very cool pose there BF! Picture us all waving back to you!

Congrats on the FO and the group!

Account Deleted

It's beautiful! Nicely knit!


Woo-hoo! You go girl!


Um, looks great, but what the heck is all this "frogging" about? Have mercy on a poor foreigner.


Yeah! I knew you could do it! It is beautiful! It's nice to "see" BF on the blog!


You're right on schedule. A bride has up to her first anniversary to send out thank-you notes, so a gift given before the first anniversary should be considered "on time", too.

It is lovely, and he certainly looked pleased in his photo. (Yes, he did...see that jaunty wave?) Congratulations!

Wool Winder

Love it!! I had no idea you were so close to being finished. And there's still plenty of cold weather left this season to use it. Did you have any yarn left over?


Holy cow! That's quite an accomplishment! And it looks beautiful! Well done!


Beautiful!!!!! I love the color...

And isn't BF the handsomest BF ever... very photogenic! :)



Jennifer, it looks wonderful! You know according to manners maven Emily Post you have 1 year from the wedding date to give a gift. So, I'd say you are on time! :)

Amy Artisan

Congrats on finishing the blanket! It looks wonderful & I'm sure will keep you both cozy for many years to come! :)


Wow! It looks so beautiful! Now all you need is yet another major snow storm (if you need a reason), and you can cuddle together under that lovely blanket. I'm so glad you got it finished, and my, my, BF has such a handsome wave. He should show his hands and hair more often on the blog. ^_^


I had a feeling that was the FO you'd be finishing up. That's quite an accomplishment! I can't even imagine how soft and cuddly it must be.

The Attic

Congratulations! It's gorgeous!


It's beautiful, so worth the time -- and in time for this cold weather. Good for you, your first FFO (Finish Friday Object) for 2009. So what's next?


Let me be one of the first to congratulate you! We've all waited patiently to see the finished object and it was well worth the wait! You did a beautiful job!

Teresa C.

Excellent way to start the finish or frog it new year! Handsome guy you have there!

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