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Thursday, January 01, 2009



I thought I'd tell you that I found the group on Ravelry, and joined, and have decided that I'm in on this! :D


I'm in too. I just frogged my cotton machine knitting pulover sweater (gift from my mom but I never wear it for 3-5 years it was on my view.. i liked the color so i finally frogged it to make a new one for myself.


I am in, this is a great idea. I have posted to my blog and joined the group on Ravelry.

Mary Lynn

I'm in. Sounds goods to me.

And I've posted info on my blog which you can find here

or you can try copying this:



Such a great idea! I'm in!


Sounds like a great way to get all my half done projects done! Thanks for inviting me.


This is the best idea ever!! :) I'm really glad you started the group! Thank you! :)


This is a great idea! I'll definitely participate.


Sounds like a great idea! I'm in!


What a great idea! I think I may join along too. I might have to extend it a bit past knitting though as I have some sewing projects that would love to also be finished!


Sounds great. Maybe I can use the motivation to help finish some sewing UFOs too!


I have to check on my projects. This is a great idea.
Once upon a time, I had a sweater that I was working on for a class, HATED everything about the sweater, except the other knitters in the class... the day I frogged that sweater was a Happy Day!

I will blog about this to get myself thinking about what I have on the needles..

Suzanne Urban

Hi Jen,
Yes my WIP pile extends to a few decades of stuff, ugh.

My goal this year is to be even more productive but also to try some things I've been wanting to do and haven't gotten around to doing.

And maybe I should create a frog pond for those going nowhere WIP's?

Wool Winder

That's a good idea for a KAL. I hope it helps everyone clear out their UFOs.

Valerie Ford


here's my finished project!


A worthy endeavor! I had only two hopeless projects. One is frogged now and turning into baby hats, and the other is mohair and perhaps will never be frogged as the yarn is icky.


Ooooohhhh, what a wonderful idea for a KAL. I'm in!!! :) This is going to be so much fun.


Hi Jen,
I'm in! I was inspired yesterday when I read Clara Parkes article on Slow Stashing yesterday in the Knitter's Review newsletter. I went through my stash and found yarn to give away and an ancient WIP I'm finally ready to FROG! Earlier in the fall, I made a list of all the WIP's I have that I want to finish. I'm going to post that to my blog and go from there. Thanks for the great idea, group and buttons! And Happy New Year!


Great idea, ever since Raverly, I have frogged a great deal, it is seeing them up there, the pix and the date and all...
and also it makes you think, "What was I thinking?"


This sounds perfect -- what a great group! (Perhaps this will give you the momentum you need to finish BF's blanket.) Count me in - I don't have an overabundance of WIPs, but I do have some that need to be dealt with before the cats ruin the yarn.


Ha! Great idea! Those "zzz" projects in my Ravelry need a good review. I did pick up my Poetry in Stitches sweater yesterday with the intent to finish it this month. I hope your Kaffe Fasset sweater ends up in a Friday finish soon! Good luck to all.


Happy New Year! I'm in on Finishing Friday.

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