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Saturday, January 24, 2009



No this means you are cleaning up projects that aren't going to take much time. Remember, you can always start another mindless project if all you have left are hard ones. You've been doing really well with finishing things off!!


I'm envious of your ability to knit in the car. I get horribly carsick when I've done that.


Wow! 3 hours of car time! You sound like me wanting to make the most of knitting time in the car. The blanket looks great and the booties are wonderful. I might just have to make a pair for my sister who is due in February.


I am so impressed with your list of finished projects! Me? I'm just trying to breathe here while I'm re-organizing the house after one more kid moved her stuff out last weekend. *sigh* But I started with my knitting books, magazines, etc...now all I can seem to 'notice' is all the patterns I want to get started on! OY!

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