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Wednesday, August 12, 2009



Wow!!! I want to go to the next one...oh, please let their be a next one!!! Thx for sharing!


Thanks for linking to my pattern! Do you mind if I "borrow" that photo of me? Lots of other people got pictures of my in my stockings but I don't actually have any of myself. The photos in my Ravelry notebook are the awkward ones that I tried to take of my own legs!!

Laura (Painty)


Thank you so much for these past few posts of Sock Summit. I am so envious of you all that got to go. It looked like great fun. Good for you for helping out as well. BTW where is all the stuff you got? You HAD to have gotten some sock yarn at the Marketplace!

Ann in CT

The pocket socks are cracking me up.
I also like them because I have new red shoes I've been wearing with my hand knit socks. Not I don't feel so strange.

Wool Winder

Seven pairs of socks at once is mind boggling!

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