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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Beverly Katz

For a poignant recipe memoir, see "In Memory's Kitchen"--a compilation of recipes created by women in the concentration camp at Terezin during the Holocaust. It is a lovely testament to the power of food as a way to remember good times and family.


I made Grandma Lois' chocolate frosting this weekend out of that very cookbook! The kids LOVED it until one discovered a hint of cooffee taste in it. Then 2 still loved it and one would not eat anymore! Ha!


Yum! My daughter did this for us a couple of years ago for Christmas. My favorite books are from the Wards (Church Congregations) that I have belonged to over the years. It brings back so many memories of friends over the years.


My grand mother said the same thing abt the lard. In fact I remember her cooking with lard a LOT. Couldnt have been too bad since she lived way into her 90s. By the time I got old enough my family stopped cooking so a lot of the old country recipies are gone. However I do have two recipes that I have that I make often. Gramma's chicken (stewed chicken) and I'm the turkey maker in the family. None of my aunts/sisters cook so when my great aunt died I got the priviledge/responsibility to carry on the tradition. while my aunts/sisters make me nuts, my kids enjoy the family dinners so I will continue them. When your entire side of the family can fit into your van, you do what you can to keep everybody happy!

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Great idea! When my grandma died, I asked if I could have her recipes. I keep meaning to created a cookbook for my family but haven't gotten around to doing that.


A woman I know has her grandmother's apple pie recipe kept in a charming way. The original recipe was photocopied on transfer paper, and then embroidered. It was beautifully framed and hangs proudly in her kitchen. The best thing is that she never has to hunt for the recipe when she wants to make the pie!

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