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Friday, March 11, 2011



Ah, the math that you need to apply while knitting, it cracks my husband up, every time.


I got a free scale for mail back when we tried Stamps.com. The website didn't work for us but that scale did!


I too have akitchen scale. It's the handiest thing ever.

kathy b

i have wanted one for awhile.....I even tried to win one!


I use my postal scale all the time, weighing yarn to determine if I have enough. I also split my scrap sock yarn into two balls and then add enough of a contrasting color to the scale to achieve the required amount. I'd say the scale is one of the most important knitting tools I use.


What a good idea!


I bought mine to use only for my knitting! Just used it to split a skein in 2 for a pair of socks. And I travel with it. Wonder what baggage guys think? Hahahahaha.


Those scales are so handy! I bought one from KnitPicks a couple of years ago and I have used it many times.


That is a beautiful scale. I've often thought about buying one, and just never have.

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