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Wednesday, August 31, 2011





Congratulations Beverly.
Jennifer-that is the best tip ever! You have transformed my sock knitting. xxx


I love how Wilma picked the winner for you! Congratulations on the Vogue mention.

kathy b

I find I knit sock best when i knit them YOUR way! that is a great tip. I may be inspired to knit up a pair while I recover from the gum graft.

I'd pick that middle yarn Bev, if I were you!


First--I am thrilled that you weathered the storm so well and I am over-awed by your preparedness, though I should expect nothing less from the Marines!

To the subject at hand--Wow! I have never won anything before so I am thrilled. The choice is hard, but I think I will go with the Ty-Dy Sox. Thank you so much. I will send an email with address.

My tip, if you can call it that: I am a big fan of magic loop, but on a recent sock project (Cat Bordhi's Spring Thaw--see my Rav page--I am bik) I had to go to 2 circs to set up the heel. I discovered 2 things. One is that my progress was greatly enhanced--faster knitting, etc.--so I recommend 2-circs whether you knit one or 2 socks at a time. The second is that not all US#1 needles are the same--my 40" Addi circular is 2.5mm and my Susan Bates 24" circs are 2.25mm. So the foot of the first sock is a little bigger than the second even though they are the same number of rows. Be aware of the vagaries of needle sizing!

Carolyn in NC

Letting Wilma choose the winner is pure genius. Who needs the computer to do some sort of random shuffle method when you can go old school.

Love it! Made my day, Carolyn in NC

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