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Sunday, August 07, 2011



I loved seeing this little peak into military life. I am so impressed and grateful. I recently did a detox (from my naturalpathic Dr.) mainly I was a vegan for 14 days. Hope you feel back to yourself tummy wise soon.

Rose Jordan

Jennifer, you're my hero. You are the most amazing woman on the planet. I just love reading about you and your adventures.

Sherri Kitchenmaster

Glad you are back. Thanks for the tour. Very proud of all you do for our country.


I love the tour of your tour. So glad you are back!


My cleanse was just chicken, fish, veggies and fruit, nothing else. It was a great way to clean out the system. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!


Okay ... the pizza looked good. The rest ... not so sure.

The Marine looking in his MRE bag looks like HE is not so sure either. LOL


I want to do a cleanse every time I pull into port if we've been out for more than a week. We're not quite as austere, but oh, the fried and processed food that my young 'uns prefer!


I learned a lot by reading your posts. It made me appreciate those who serve even more.

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